About Me (kind of)

You know, there’s got to be a reason it took me 3 solid months to actually make this blog, whether it was the general fear of looking like an idiot or just plain laziness…

But that’s in the past! Let’s live in the now and get this show on the road.

I never actually thought I would type out a blog post that wasn’t “OMGMGMG THAT NEW PIC OF HARRY STYLES IS SO NICE”, which is honestly all my personal blog consists of. But now that I’m actually writing out a post, I don’t know why it took me this long to get a blog started, it mostly feels like writing in a diary, which I guess is kind of the point.

So Dear Diary,

I had a terrible experience today. I made a blog. Yuck.

Love, Gabby

See, super easy!

The main reason I made this blog was to enhance my experience at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. This conference is allowing me to visit places in D.C. that I would have never gotten the opportunity to (a.k.a. the National Geographic Headquarters, seriously, I’m gonna cry) and experience what it is like to be a journalist.

My love for journalism has definitely been a new development. Over the past couple years, my interests in careers has ranged from an astronomer to a history teacher, so the decision to become a journalist was odd and met with some opposition. (“A journalist? Isn’t that the second worst paying job on the planet?”)

Despite this, journalism is where my heart is set. Running through the streets looking for interviews and chugging out an article in an hour is my dream, for whatever reason.

Another growing interest I have is government. This mostly comes from a program called Youth and Government that really changed my life and that I hope to write a blog post about eventually. Covering a presidential campaign or exposing corruption in the government, from my point of view, sounds like a blast.

Now that we’ve moved past the useless information, let’s list off the actually important information.

  • I excessively use commas and parentheses (like, seriously, Gabby, stop, using, commas)
  • I’m a Taurus
  • I have 3 cats

Well those are the facts folks!

I hope this post showed you who I am as a person and didn’t hurt your eyes too much to read.

Until next time!



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