WJMC Day 1

Imagine going to a place you’ve never been to before, surrounded by people you’ve never met. Most people most people automatically feel some sort of apprehension not only going into this event, but even after it’s started. No matter who you are, new things are always overwhelming.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m totally overwhelmed. The Washington Journalism and Media Conference is the most immersing program I’ve done and I have only been here for 8 hours.

But Gabby, what could possibly be so overwhelming? Well let me tell y’all, it’s literally everything. It started early with just getting on the train by myself. I have never traveled alone before, so this was a completely new experience. That was probably the easiest part of my day but I didn’t realize it then. I finally found a seat after hitting 7+ people with my giant backpack (sorry y’all) and settled myself in for the ride to D.C.

When I got to Union Station I started to feel the excitement set in. I had been waiting months for this and it was finally here! After walking around in circles trying to find where my sister was parked, we headed to lunch and then to GMU!

But that’s when things got difficult. Honestly, that difficulty mostly comes from my own stupidity and inability to actually read directions. After getting off the bus, me and my sister headed the complete opposite direction of where we were supposed to and ended up getting lost. After my sister explained her frustration in a few colorful words, we finally just called and got ourselves figured out. At least I got an extra mile of walking in!

Sweaty and gross, I arrived to my dorm. I met Sky, whom I share a room with and who is super sweet, and my two other roommates. I got myself situated and headed down to meet my advisors. Melissa and Brooke were so welcoming and helped me feel a little more comfortable.

After meeting the rest of my pink group (PINKIES FOR LIFE DUDES). The pink posse has such a diverse group of kids with different personalities and I’m excited to get to know them better this week.

Dinner was awesome and Tina Rosenberg was amazing! She was absolutely hilarious and totally honest with how she felt, especially with the questions she was asked. Tina mostly focused on something called solution journalism which provides examples of communities that have solved a problem and reporting on how this solution could apply to other communities.

To be honest, I had never even heard the words “solution journalism” before today. But as Tina explained how it worked, I realized it was something I would be really interested in, especially with social justice issues. It really shows how much I have left to learn from this conference and life in general.

Eventually I will go into more detail about my amazing pinkies but at the moment I am #dead.

Until next time!



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